Hedge Funds

Enhancing Diversification and Risk-adjusted Returns

A hedge fund is an investment fund which is allowed to use aggressive strategies that are largely unavailable to mutual funds, including selling short, leverage, program trading,swaps, arbitrage, and derivatives. Hedge funds are exempt from many of the rules and regulations governing other mutual funds, which allows them to accomplish aggressive investing goals. Hedge fund strategies include relative value, long/short, global macro, market neutral, managed futures, event driven,and merger/arbitrage. Hedge funds are generally used to enhance return, reduce risk, or both. Monroe Vos has the ability to find the right type of strategy to enhance portfolios.

Most hedge funds are fairly illiquid, not very transparent, and subject to different risks than traditional managers. As due diligence is central to the Monroe Vos philosophy, we’ve developed specialized monitoring and analytical tools to help our clients more effectively build and manage their hedge fund portfolios. On-site due diligence is conducted on all hedge funds.