Manager Search

Proprietary, Transparent and Thoroughly Documented

We believe that identifying managers that meet the client’s objectives is one of the most important roles we can fill.

Our proprietary process starts with the databases we use that include approximately 35,000 money managers and mutual funds.  Both are purchased by Monroe Vos, and neither charges a fee to managers for inclusion.  They are updated monthly/quarterly for manager compliance.  In addition, we use extensive multi-factor quantitative and qualitative criteria to find the best of class managers for our client.

A unique feature of the Monroe Vos Manager Search Process is its transparency.  We want our clients to see how we arrived at the finalist in the search.

Our Manager Search Report is organized in a logical format so that clients can make the most informed decision.  We assist in organizing the interview process as well.

The Monroe Vos Manager Search Process

  1. Screening - Determine if managers meet Monroe Vos' minimum criteria

  2. Quantitative Analysis - Using our proprietary criteria we verify that the manager has met a list of criteria like peer group comparison, exceeding its benchmark, up and downside capture, alpha, consisting of returns and performance dispersion.

  3. Qualitative Analysis - We conduct an in-depth analysis of the organization, the investment team, the investment process, portfolio attribution and style. We conduct on-site due diligence to meet the management team.

  4. Written Analysis & Due Diligence Committee - We conduct due diligence meetings to review all managers versus our criteria. We review existing managers working for our clients and potentially new managers.

  5. Ongoing Due Diligence - Our Due Duligence Committee conducts regular meetings to monitor managers against our criteria.