Real Assets

Turning to the Tangible

We view real assets as an important consideration in finding non-correlated alternative investments strategies.

Real Estate: Our real estate expertise spans a wide range of investment styles and all major property types, and we have experience in most major geographical markets. Our consulting services cover equity and debt vehicles in both private and public markets. This expertise covers both Private Real Estate as well as REITs.

Natural Resources: Natural resources can be a logical adjunct to real estate investments. We evaluate and recommend direct and fund-of-fund investments in oil and gas, infrastructure, timber, farmland and other natural resources that can hedge against inflation and have the potential to provide positive income and return.

Commodities: Commodity markets can be broader and more liquid than stock and bond markets, and they fulfill a vital role in both the global economy and rounding out a well-diversified investment portfolio. At Monroe Vos, we help you understand the various ways to gain exposure to the commodity markets.