Working For The Client And No One Else (Forbes)



At first glance, The Monroe Vos Consulting Group might appear to be just another thriving, mid-sized regional investment consulting firm. It holds on to its clients and has served them well, even during the recent economic downturn – especially during the recent economic downturn.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll see this firm offers much more than that. What sets Monroe Vos apart is not so much what it does, but how it does it – as an independent, employee-owned, fee-based firm. All of this means a lot to Jamison Monroe, CIMA®, Chairman and CEO, and Timothy J. Vos, CIMA®, AIFA®, Vice Chairman. But it means even more to the people and institutions they work for.

Monroe Vos oversees $5.5 billion in investments primarily for  institutional clients, including public and private corporations, charitable foundations and 401(k) funds. It also serves high-net-worth individuals.

The firm’s independence assures clients always get access to the most favorable strategies and products. “Others may charge based on a percentage of assets or sell proprietary products they have a stake in,” says Monroe. “But since we’re independent and fee-based, we have no conflicts of interest. We’re free to make the best decisions strictly on behalf of our clients. We make sure everything we do is completely transparent, always letting our clients know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Likewise, we believe our clients deserve accountability, and we give it to them.”

The Difference Is Experience

Experience is definitely the firm’s strong suit. Monroe and Vos first met in 1985, went into business together in 1988 and established their current firm in 1994. Monroe draws from 38 years in the financial industry; Vos, 24. Together, their institutional investing insight and expertise are unmatched in the Houston area. The partners are joined by a longstanding team of experienced professionals who have a solid understanding of the business and a familiarity with their clients.

“The unifying theme to everything we do here is that the client’s best interest always comes first,” says Vos. “We agreed to that when we started working together. We decided on the processes and practices we would want ourselves, and then we established those for our clients.”

“For instance, because of what we did in ’08, our clients didn’t lose much,” says Monroe. “And we didn’t lose a client. They were back to even within 16 months. What matters to us is getting results and achieving client goals. That’s what we work for. That’s what we do. We appreciate the chance to protect our clients’ assets, and they appreciate how hard we work for them.”


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