Monroe Vos has extensive expertise in both traditional financial markets and alternative investments.  Our investment consulting philosophy centers on risk control and customization through the use of strategic and dynamic asset allocation methods and manager selection.  We develop programs to achieve client liability requirements, spending needs, or other goals.

Investment Policy

We develop a policy in close collaboration with our client.  The Investment Policy Statement sets out your goals and objectives within your risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment restrictions.

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Asset Allocation

We use some of the most comprehensive and sophisticated asset allocation modeling in the industry to customize each client’s investment program.

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Manager Search

We believe that identifying the best managers to meet our clients’ objectives is one of the most important roles of an investment consultant.  We use a disciplined, objective and transparent process to find consistently excellent managers for our clients.

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Client Education

We believe that an informed client is the best client.  We educate our clients in each quarterly meeting by providing research and a range of other programs.

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Alternative Investments

We believe that alternative investments are not only hedge funds, real assets and private equity, but a range of other alternatives that can add value in certain market environments.

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Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are flexible tools that complement traditional asset allocation programs.  We have in-depth experience with these strategies.

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Real Assets

We have diversified client portfolios using real assets for over a decade.  The results have been impressive as a hedge against inflation and added performance.

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Private Equity

Private equity seeks to generate greater returns than the traditional markets by embracing portfolio performance.  We work closely with clients to determine the right asset allocation when adding private equity to the portfolio.

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Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement is the report card that tells our clients that they are achieving their goals within the guidelines and objectives stated in the IPS.  Our unique format answers these questions.

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Discretionary Services

After 2008 clients have requested more in-depth portfolio management.  To accommodate their needs we have expanded our services to include quasi and fully discretionary services.

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