We Are Different

Monroe Vos is a unique firm in many ways.  We have distinctive strengths not found in other firms.  Independent, fee based, therefore impartial by design, our firm has extensive experience and seasoned professionals.


Monroe Vos has no proprietary products, and we are not affiliated with any investment managers.  Our advice is unbiased, with minimal conflicts, and focused on the objective of meeting your investment goals.  The best interest of our clients always comes first.  We offer a transparent and disciplined approach that gives fiduciaries and private clients peace of mind.


We have been an innovator in the industry since the 1980s.  We have pioneered practices to our clients’ benefit in the areas of asset allocation, custom asset allocation strategies, roll-down asset allocation strategies, manager search and due diligence, custody, recordkeeping, cost containment and transparency.  We will break from standard methods when we think a new direction offers a better approach.  We justify all of our recommendations.


Each client is unique and has unique investment goals.  We listen closely and customize a solution to your goals.  From investment policy development and asset allocation to investment manager searches and performance reporting, we tailor every step of the process to your needs.


We understand and support conventional wisdom and methods.  There are times, however, when a different direction is appropriate.  Times like 2008 when we didn’t follow the crowd.  There are times to be aggressive and times to be in a risk avoidance posture.  We created and have used Dynamic Asset Allocation to protect assets in down markets and grow assets more aggressively in up markets keeping in mind our clients’ goals at all times.

Unique Process

We use industry standard processes but we have also developed our own proprietary methods over 24 years.  These include dynamic asset allocation, manager search, custodian search, transition management, investment policy comparison, cost analysis and containment, actuarial search, recordkeeper search, recordkeeper cost analysis and containment, custom asset allocation strategies, custom roll-down strategies and more.

Enduring Relationships

Monroe Vos has enduring, long-term client relationships.  We have relationships that go back 23 years.  The reason that we have high client loyalty is that we place emphasis on our existing clients rather than marketing.  Our expertise, experience, processes and communication with clients develops a bond of trust that lasts.