Pioneering a Strong Future for Strategic Investments

For over thirty years, and with a 94% retention rate, we understand what it takes to help clients like you retain your capital, and then grow it.

What makes Monroe Vos different?

In a word: integrity. It’s how we’ve built our business — from our fee structure to our management style to our strategic guidance. Let’s set up a meeting, and we’ll show you what that will look like for you.

Our Values


You’ll know what we know.


From our fee structure to our client-centric approach, Monroe Vos is always on the front of industry changes.


We don’t wait. If something needs to be done, we’ll have a plan and guidance to take you through it.


1st Quarter 2021
The new year brought mostly good news regarding a potential return to normalcy for economies. The introduction of the $1.9 trillion U.S. fiscal stimulus
4th Quarter 2020
“Welcome to the Roaring ‘20s. When the world finally bids farewell to COVID-9, courtesy of a bevy of novel vaccines. Just don’t expect the

What to expect from Monroe Vos


We’ll meet with you to understand your goals, risk tolerances, and other key factors.

Next, we’ll give you an agreement, in writing, with everything spelled out.


And finally, we’ll meet with you every quarter, face to face, on the progress of your investment.