What makes Monroe Vos Different?

At Monroe Vos, we have values that set us apart from the rest. To start, we’ve pioneered many successful approaches that have been adopted industry wide. But that’s not all. We’re fee-based and independent. Meaning, we are impartial by design. This allows us to always put your interests first.

And through the years, we’ve cultivated systems — both for our team and for our clients — that allow us to protect your investments. Even in economic downturns. And, of course, we help you grow those investments, too.

Below are a few reasons that separate us from the rest.

94% client retention rate

At Monroe Vos, there’s a reason we’ve had a 94% client retention rate over the last quarter of a century.
Simply put: we put our attention on our clients — not on our marketing.

When you’re a client of Monroe Vos, you can know you’re going to get the white glove treatment. And not just in the first year, but year after year after year. We’ve developed a system of communication, combined with our expertise and experience, that our clients have come to trust.


How do you know the advice you’re getting is unbiased?

As the old saying goes: follow the money.

At Monroe Vos, we have no proprietary products. And we’re not affiliated with any investment managers. The advice we give you is unbiased, without conflicts. And it is always focused on the top objective: meeting your investment goals.

Our clients’ best interest always comes first and you can see this because we offer a transparent and disciplined approach that gives fiduciaries peace of mind.


If you’re familiar with strategic asset allocation, dynamic asset allocation strategies, and roll-down asset allocation strategies, then you’re familiar with Monroe Vos.

We’ve been in this industry since the mid-1980s. And in that time, we’ve pioneered practices in the above areas, as well as manager search and due diligence, custody, record-keeping, cost containment and transparency.

We still believe in standard methods.

But we’ll break from them when we think a new direction offers a better approach that benefits our clients.

And, as always, we explain and backup all of our recommendations.


In our business, each client is unique. Each client has unique investment goals. And each client has a different risk tolerance.

We always start with listening and understanding. And then, from there, we create a customized solution. Each step of the way is tailored to match your goals and risk tolerance.

Proactive & Unique

There’s a reason conventional wisdom is widely adopted. Most of the time, it works but not all of the time. Like in the 2008 downturn.

At Monroe Vos, we are independent thinkers. And we don’t bring anyone into our team who isn’t a strong thinker. It’s a part of our culture.

In 2008, we helped our clients navigate the market and fare better than most others.

Our proactive and unique approach is also what allows us to know when it’s time to be aggressive… and when to be in a risk avoidance posture.

A big part of this is the Dynamic Asset Allocation system we created. It allows us to protect your assets in down markets, and then grow them in up markets — all the while, keeping your goals as a priority.

We also apply this kind of ingenuity to our Manager and Custodian Search Processes, Investment Policy Comparisons, Fee Analysis and Containment, Actuary Searches, Record-keeper Searches (and Record-keeper Cost Analysis and Containment), and even Custom Asset Allocation Strategies, to name a few.

At Monroe Vos, we are a unique and focused firm. And our 94% client retention rate speaks to that.

Below, meet the team behind Monroe Vos.

Meet Our Team

We have a carefully curated team of professionals ready to work with you.

Jamison Monroe

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Consulting

Timothy J. Vos, CIMA, AIFA

Director of Research

Julie L. Swanson

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Compliance Officer

Timothy A. R. Callahan

Executive Vice President

Jason Martinez, CIMA

Senior Investment Consultant
Director of Defined Contribution

Irina Gorokhova

Director of Analytical Services

Cheri F. Strelecki

Director of Operations

Christy Lee Halata

Senior Operations Specialist

Michelle Darsey

Operations Specialist

Lacey Holloway

Analytical Services Operations Manager

Reed Scialdone

Performance Measurement
Reporting Manager

Andy Hoffmann

Manager of Search
and Due Diligence Analytics

Janet Tallerine

Relationship Development

Natasha Pismenyuk

Office Manager
Administrative Assistant to the President

Dylan Cononie

Analytical Services Department

Jacob Rhodes

Analytical Services Department