Our Priority

Taking care of our clients is our top priority. Our measure of success is how well our clients do, not how well we do. As a result, we have some of the best qualified consultants in the industry working at Monroe Vos.

We bring expertise in traditional and alternative investments, including Defined Contribution (401k, 403b, and 457)Endowments and Foundations, Defined Benefit (Pensions), and High Net Worth and Family Offices.

Defined Contribution

Monroe Vos has pioneered numerous value-added practices in the Defined Contribution industry. We currently serve dozens of defined contribution plans. Our Plan Administrator Search Process is one of the most robust in the industry. One of the reasons for this is our pioneering track record.

First, we drove changes in the Defined Contributions industry and returned revenue sharing from mutual funds to the plan, and from the plan to the participants.

For over 30 years, we’ve been using the mutual fund industry’s structure of revenue sharing (finders fees and 12b-1 fees) to pay our fee and other vendor fees so that our clients do not have the plan pay them.

Then, in 2002, we changed the way the Defined Contribution industry was paid.

This started with changing the way recordkeepers were paid — from a percentage of assets to a per participant fee. This lowered the recordkeeping cost and didn’t allow it to rise with the asset growth earned by contributions from the participants, matching contributions by the plan sponsor, or positive asset returns by the mutual funds.

At the same time, we began requiring all revenue sharing (finders fees, 12b-1 fees, sub-TA fees, etc.) to be returned to the plan and used to pay plan expenses.

But we weren’t satisfied with that. We also required the recordkeepers to return all excess revenue sharing after expenses, to the participants’ accounts. Today this happens as quickly as the same month the revenue sharing comes out of the participants’ accounts.

These were firsts in the Defined Contributions industry.

As a result, we are regularly regarded as one of the premier Defined Contribution consulting practices in the United States.

We deliver proactive and strategic leadership in areas such as:

  • Target date fund selection and evaluation
  • Custom asset allocation strategies
  • Glide path design
  • Solutions that incorporate active and passive management
  • Fee analysis transparency
  • Fee benchmarking

We apply our extensive, practical, and hands-on experience to manage the process of identifying and converting your plan to a newly selected plan administrator. Through our organized methods, we deal proactively with conversion issues to avoid any negative impacts on the conversion timetable.

Endowments & Foundations

Monroe Vos has a deep understanding of the dynamics involved with running a successful investment program. We currently service numerous Endowment and Foundation clients.

Monroe Vos will work with you to find the right balance between the need for cash flow to support your mission, while at the same time factoring in the need for growth to support long-term goals.

We take a holistic approach to building investments, meaning, decisions are linked to budgeting and the impact of spending on operations to fund programs. 

Through our spending policy analysis, portfolios are stress-tested under various economic environments to assess the growth in assets and spending under adverse, variable market conditions.

Through it all, we maintain a focus on liquidity to allow the organization to continue to meet its spending needs, even under adverse market conditions.

Defined Benefit

For Defined Benefit, we are guided by the following principles:

  • The purpose of a Defined Benefit Plan is to meet its liabilities.
  • A structure that provides dependability of meeting these liabilities is the priority.
  • Matching liabilities with consistent investment return enhances this dependability.
  • An optimal portfolio mix of dissimilar investment strategies attains consistency of investment return.
  • Investment strategies that provide downside protection and match liabilities more effectively.


Our experience with pension plans goes back to our inception in 1988. And for over three decades we’ve helped our corporate clients make better informed decisions regarding their defined benefit pension plans. 

In order to analyze the firm’s liabilities, we conduct an asset/liability study in conjunction with the actuary to determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy for the Plan. 

The Plan’s overall funding strategy is to combine asset returns with future contributions so that total plan assets will be sufficient to pay projected future benefits at the required time.

High Net Worth & Family Offices

Throughout the years, we’ve helped others beyond the scope outlined above.

That includes high net worth individuals and family offices. Each has their own unique needs and approaches. We begin by understanding your investment goals — whether they are capital preservation and philanthropic interests, or legacy planning and multigenerational investment education. 

Then, we will provide you with a solution to meet those goals.

During this process, we will dedicate substantial resources to helping you, your family office, and/or your tax or legal advisors, to oversee and implement each facet of the plan.

Because our only business is investment consulting, we offer unbiased advice with minimal conflicts, as well as scrupulous oversight of your portfolio.

On an ongoing basis, our consulting services address each phase of the investment process, including the review or development of an investment policy statement; investment manager search; due diligence; and performance measurement. 

Additionally, we offer consolidated reporting, quarterly rebalancing, and cash flow reviews.

If you need an investment consultant who has a track record of pioneering change in this industry, and who always has a client-first priority above everything else, then contact us below.

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Endowments and Foundations


Defined Contributions


Endowments and Foundations